298100, Russia, Feodosiya, Pushkin, 11

By public transport:

From the railway station of Simferopol route taxi to the bus station Feodosia. Then by route taxi № 2, № 4 to stop "Pushkin street", 6 stops, then walk to the hotel.

From the railway station "Aivazovsky" (the second station) is next to the bus station, then by buses № 2 and № 4 to stop "Pushkin" 6 stops

From the railway station Feodosia to the hotel on foot ( 500m).

You also have the opportunity to pre-order transfer from the railway stations and the airport of Simferopol (130km).

On a personal car:

From Dzhankoy to turn to the right at the entrance to the city, to 2nd crossroad of Chkalov St. 500m, then left up to the intersection with Listovnichiy 1.5 km, then turn left to the intersection with the street 100m, then turn right 800 m, to the intersection with Pushkin street to the left.

From Simferopol to the intersection with the water tower on the Simferopol highway, turn left and then immediately right at Revolutionary street (200m), to Karl Marx street , then right 100m to Pushkin street