16.08.2019 Savinovskaya Valeria
I want to thank this hotel and its staff! Always delicious breakfasts, friendly staff that listen and help in any way. Maid service was carried out well. We also went for dinner and it was excellent and very filling. Thank You for everything! You made our holiday great and unforgettable!
20.07.2019 Kruts Hope
Happy to be in the Crimea! Thank you for the rest of the hotel "Feodosiya" to all who have created this Paradise, the warmth of his soul invested for a comfortable stay. Cleanliness, comfort, beauty, kindness and warmth, delicious breakfasts brightened our stay.
22.06.2019 Lisova E. V.
We stayed at the hotel all 4 days. Loved the service. Thank you to our maid clean the room and participate, and liked the food: what we need! Delicious, homemade, fresh and diverse. The girls are very attentive, polite. Recommended to all.