17.11.2019 Zakharova Love
Thank your team for excellent service and great reception. Thank you!
06.10.2019 Frost Valentine
A huge thank you from the hotel from Krasnodar to all the staff for an excellent meal, form, kind, attentive attitude towards the guests. Long time we did not eat tasty catering. Continue in the same spirit. Good luck and prosperity!
14.09.2019 Rimma Miller
I want to Express my gratitude to all the staff of the hotel "Feodosiya" for your attention and sensitivity to the hotel. We arrived from Bashkiria. Immediately drew attention to the warm atmosphere throughout the hotel. Friendly faces at the reception, tact and patience in dealing with guests of the hotel. Special thanks I want to Express the service the maids. We noted the excellent quality and taste of the dishes, for that special thank you to the chefs and their team. We will certainly recommend your hotel to colleagues, family and friends.