Attractions In Feodosia

Feodosiya is a city of South–Eastern coast of the Crimea. Here shingle, pebble and sandy beaches – for every taste.
galechnyye, melkogalechnyye i peschanyye plyazhi

There are pebble, small pebble and sandy beaches - for every taste. It’s fun and with a twinkle you can spend your vacation time directly in the city, but if someone wants a more romantic, secluded beach setting, not far from the city towards Kerch, there is a wonderful Golden Sands beach area, with ennobled and completely wild areas where you can feel completely free from civilization.

Sandy beaches

Golden Sands Zone

This choice is complemented by an abundance of attractions in the city and its environs. Their greatest concentration is located in the city center along the Black Sea embankment on Aivazovsky Avenue. To date, architectural ensembles have survived. late XIX-early XX centuries: Lagorio house, Aivazovsky house, Mazirova house, Hadji cottage, Modern cottage, Vacation cottage Otrada (Victoria), Milos cottage, Villa cottage, Flora cottage, Aida cottage, Stamboli cottage, railway bridge and others building. If interested, what is the Moorish style and oriental charm, welcome to the cottage of Stamboli. This building is considered by many to be the most beautiful in the city, and its location adds charms to it: if you are at the main entrance, you can see the whole Theodosian Gulf.

Moorish style and oriental charm

Dacha Otrada (Victoria) was built in the Spanish-Moorish style with an abundance of stucco molding, stone carving.

Dacha Otrada (Victoria)

Milos Cottage stands out along the main facade with gypsum copies of antique statues, and in the rotunda pavilion - statues of Venus of Milos.

Dacha Milos

In Feodosia, several Armenian churches are also a page in the history of the city. The oldest is the church of St. Sergius. Here the great Aivazovsky himself was married, and the font where he was baptized was preserved.

Church of St. Sergius

From the greatness and power of the Genoese fortress, only small details were preserved - gates, towers, but once this was a citadel that saved from the enemy.

Citadel of the Genoese Fortress

The honorary citizen of the city - I. Aivazovsky - himself designed his house, which houses an art gallery. He wanted to leave his paintings to his beloved city, which is why marin connoisseurs strive here.

I. Aivazovsky’s House

The office of A. Green has been restored, and everyone has the opportunity to imagine how beloved by many writers came up with stories that appreciate romantic souls.

A. Green Museum

The Museum of Antiquities has been open since 1811, where there are many exhibits from ancient times and today.

Museum of Antiquities

Alas, you cannot live without money, but you can find out which ones existed in the Museum of Money.

Museum of Money

It's also worth a visit to the Nemo Dolphinarium. Both children and adults enjoy watching tricks of marine animals, and also have the opportunity to take pictures or swim with them in the pool.


Paintball club "Barracuda" in Feodosia offers outdoor activities to tourists who want new sensations. Each person will be able to choose uniforms for himself. The choice of weapons is large: from the smallest, the so-called "ladies' options", to impressive guns suitable for serious men.

Barracuda Paintball Club>

It is not necessary to be an avid fisherman to visit the museum complex "Fish and Fisheries". The museum exposition is unique. The exhibits collected by one person for 50 years are presented. In Crimea, this is the only place telling the history of fishing from prehistoric times to the present day.

Fish and Fisheries Museum Complex

Try to get a lot of positive emotions and vivid impressions? Be sure to visit the Spartak SEC. Great place for an active holiday with the whole family. Here you can spend a very interesting time in a rope park or on sports trampolines, in a maze or at the tennis table.

Spartak SEC>

One of the most fascinating entertainments in Feodosia is a boat trip to the extinct volcano Kara-Dag. In the process, you will see the old city from the sea, including the majestic Genoese fortress of Kafa.

Boat trip to the extinct Kara-Dag volcano.

And this is only a small part of the attractions of our ancient city. Whatever streets you go along, you can find something very interesting, unusual and unique everywhere, that is, make your individual discovery in our ancient and beautiful city.